Ace is committed to excellence in all spheres of its services. Our wide array of services is aimed at catering to specific areas of interests in an Organization. We are adept with world’s best practices and follow established and upgraded standards and guidelines. With the help of our partners, we can also help you improve your existing software, as also develop customized software solutions for all the services offered.

We will help you integrate hardware, software, processes and practices for effective implementation of your organization’s policies. Our training and awareness programs help organizations to embed security, risk and resilience culture across all levels of hierarchy within the organization.

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Fields of Specialization

We live in a world with convoluted economy and complex systems. Faring in a business with fitting IT tools sounds like an idealistic yet impractical situation. In reality, we have far more complex vitals and business demands like notching up business transparency without compromising on security issues; adapting to market risks and changes, and striving proactively to achieve levels of sensible business practices. Every business is unique, and we specialize in understanding the crux of a business much before we make a move.

IRM provides an integrated approach to manage Operational, Information Security, Business Continuity, Technology, Geo-political and Governance related Risks. One of the many challenges that companies face is finding an expert service provider that understands cutting-edge technology in alliance with real-time business strategy. And one who excels at fine-tuning a solution to offer quality information systems risk management services, and most importantly, one that does not break the bank.

Ace Services is active on all levels of performance-integrated, comprehensive and customized services.

The Ace Benefit

We specialize in an integrated approach to the best of world standards and practices. You gain with our, Risk review methodology to assess the current situation Auditing of key and high risk areas in an business specialized training programs on risk management When the going gets tough, we will help you cross over. There is no permanent solution amidst changing risk issues and security demands. You can rely on us for we are adept with changes. Talk to our IRM executive with your individual needs, or write to us at info@aceservices.co.in

The notion of a safe world is an illusion. Look around- we are amidst climate change and global warming that is contributing to erratic natural cycles- fast changing seasons, melting ice, more earthquakes, frequent tsunamis and more chaos. We are seeing the worst on global terror, a threat to peace and every day life. Uncertainty rings high in our times with the rise in terrorist activities, cyber crimes, intentional and incidental mishaps, and natural disaster, which to a great extent is beyond our control. Yet planning for such unfortunate events is within our reach and control.

Our customized solution is a holistic management process that looks into the most critical areas of your business. We are meticulous in our approach. Our first step is identification of potential threats to an organization, and its real-time impact to business operations. This enables us to draw a framework for building organizational resilience with adept planning for an effective response. Our priority is to safeguard the interests of your key stakeholders, brand name, and valued activities and services.

IT Disaster Recovery: Under BCM, we have Technology Recovery Planning that will enable you to allocate and prioritize your IT budget in line with your IT infrastructure to specific areas of interest as per your current position.

The Ace Benefit

Our Business Continuity solutions and services are completely aligned with leading world standards on Business Continuity (ISO 22301, DRI International USA, AS/NZ 5050) to help you,

  • Know your business to ensure that your continuity strategy is always aligned with your business goals.

  • Analyze the impact on your business – due to any disruption or outages

  • Identify, assess and manage continuity risks using available technological, human and organizational resources

  • Design and build your Business Continuity strategy based on impact analysis and risk assessment which is aligned with your business goals

  • Continuity Planning: This includes Crisis Management planning and holistic business recovery planning.

  • Implement and Manage continuity of business incase of any disruption event.

  • Test, train, practice, audit and review to ensure an efficient BCM culture are embedded in your organisation. especially with respect to technology, to ensure overall Organizational efficiency.

Planning for the future is the most judicious step one can take. It will help you safeguard your vital interests in case of an unseen and unfortunate event. And a diligent strategy is proven to work during rough times. You need not fret over something that is beyond you. And to help you sail safe, you have Ace services. We help you to become truly resilient.

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In a slowing economy, Operational Risk has become a priority for organizations, PSUs, banking sectors and businesses. Terms like restructuring, downsizing, cost cutting, layoffs and overall corporate planning and control initiatives are much called for and added to an objective priority list. A critical review and robust injection of new assets and operational activity is very much the need of the hour, especially in hard times with the emerging ‘S’ curve going down hill. It also prevents fraud from within or by external elements.

It is not the time to get glum, rather to be diligent, wise and focussed. It calls for extensive efforts and commitments to hold on to a code of practise and to purview key areas in an enterprise. We will help you stay safe, and free your hand for some real progressive ideas.

ORM in Focus

The Proven Ps - Our unique 3-P approach includes People and Technology, merged with the ‘Process’ to capitalize on an organization’s true potentials.

As a process beyond the GRC initiatives: Beyond the norms on traditional audits: internal and regulatory; we redefine management of operational risk on a broader perspective. Ace highlights the competitive value of effective governance. Decisions on how to run a business should not be linked to regulatory action. Our customized ORM solution also covers performance improvement for maximum returns.

Holistic Approach: It is our unique approach that allows our ORM team to counter operational risk and its inter-reliants and parallels together with market and credit risks to further benefit from its potentials.

IT as solution to Duality: Elimination of IT related risks are only part of the bigger goal. We specialize in identifying risk in software and technical processes with rare capability to detect and capitalize on risk events significant to corporate performance. The idea is to measure and report on and potentially reduce risk through automation and standardization.

The Ace Methodology

We use ORM as component of corporate performance management (CPM), which entails methodologies , metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of a company.

The Ace Benefit

We will help you assess and improve in prime interest areas with,

  • Our ‘Gap Analysis’ assessment against ISO 9001 requirements, which aim at interaction between People, Process and Technology.

  • By enabling consistent risk management processes with web-based applications across business lines to facilitate aggregation of data for centralized decision making focusing on risk acceptance, mitigation and transfer.

  • Consultation services: Advice and guidance in implementation of ORM-related controls against best industry practices.

  • Undertaking special audit of key / special functions / departments in an Organization.

  • Formulating special training programs on ORM including compliance to Basel norms

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Today’s extended business enterprise has grown to rope in suppliers, clientele, stakeholders and joint ventures in a symbiotic milieu of operational, legislative and brand risks where data safety is not an option, but the key factor to an organization’s success. ISO 27001 certification and data safety norms are no longer alien terms.

Often big players are able to pull-in the efforts and draw on resources, while mid-to-small market players are left to deal with the inability and lack of infrastructure. Our Information Risk Management services will help you protect confidential information as business requirement, and in some cases, as ethical and legal requirement.

Government, defence, finance and banking sectors, as also hospitals and businesses are known to access confidential information about its employees, customers, and products. This research has many facets and is used to determine multi-dimensional factors like financial status, age, interests, lifestyle, which is essential for development of new products and drawing on potential customers. Loss of such crucial data is an area of grave concern and can result in loss of business, law suits and bankruptcy.

Ace’s wide array of services allow you to analyze your business using our ‘gap analysis’ and technical infiltration tests based on ISO 27001 requirements in conjunction with our security management and risk assessment services, covering a full spectrum of clients’ information security requirements. Depending on your exact requirement, from a simple vulnerability test, applications security scans with code reevaluation and architecture assessment, our IRM services will help you stay up to the mark.

The Ace Benefit

Ace Services uses world’s best standards on Information Security (ISO 27001) to provide the finest framework for Information Risk Management in an Organization. We will assist you in assessing and improving your Information Risk Management stance with our proven methodology. You benefit by

  • Gap Analysis against ISO 27001 requirements

  • Audit of key functions and departmental reviews

  • Implementation of ISO 27001 controls and requirements

  • Risk Assessment against ISO 31000 guidelines

  • Expansion into new markets

  • Increase in customer loyalty

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Training programs on IRM

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Corporate governance is an established global standard on sound business practices. Organizations and businesses need to strengthen their corporate governance framework to create, enhance and foster relationships with shareholders, investors, franchisee and other stakeholders.

With the emergence of SOXA soon after the collapse of giants like Enron Corporation and MCI Inc, the world witnessed some strict enactments aiming at making the senior management accountable for financial reporting and overall performance of an organization.

Today we are dealing with a grave financial crunch, which includes the banking sector and big names in the industry. During these hard times, corporate governance has gained prominence again. Very often, and for wrong reasons, corporate governance has been linked only to compliance of a set process, policies, laws in the manner it is directed, controlled and administered.

Ace services believes in expanding this myopic vision that allows a ‘check list’ approach towards governance. We understand corporate governance in a broader perspective. In today’s complex market, companies and organizations need to constantly identify and capitalize on global opportunities and counter different challenges. And corporate governance should fit through these ups and downs in everyday life of an Organization. The spiral-down of big names has proven that we need to redefine the norms on corporate governance to bring it on a pragmatic platform.

Ace’s concept of corporate governance is holistic. The management plays an important role in seeking opportunity, achieving growth, and preparing for contingencies in the best interest of the company’s shareholders. We understand how these practices, and in some cases, in conjunction with a risk management plan can establish the ideal set of governance practices.

The Ace Benefit

We at Ace are proficient at understanding the crux of corporate governance, and you benefit with our strengths and,

  • >Expertise in comprehension of relationship between different entities within an Organization

  • Management framework: for disclosure, specific goals of accuracy, transparency and frequency in corporate communications and financial reporting

  • Enhanced management framework after diligent study of your organization

  • Apt guidance on detailed ‘check and balance’ approach for realistic corporate governance

  • Proactive guidance in implementation of best pragmatic practices relating to Corporate Governance

  • Special audit / review of the ‘Control Functions’ with an aim to assess the overall state of ‘Checks & Balances’ within an Organization

  • Special training programs on corporate governance

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Quality cannot be seen, touched or defined. Yet most of our businesses, services and products fare on quality-based norms and standards. Quality is a set of rules that involve inherent world standards and ethics. Quality management gained prominence during the second-half of the 20th century, and has evolved since. It has progressed from simple quality control measures, to precision engineering, systems engineering right through the 90′s and ever since.

Today an Organization’s day-to-day terminology includes precision and quality engineering at the tip of the tongue. Healthcare, accounting, engineering, product development, almost every business revolves around Quality Management Systems (QMS). The ISO 9000 series detail Organizations on the standards of a QMS. It involves ethics and processes drawn on the design, development and delivery of a general product or service. There are certification processes to demonstrate compliance with set standards and the requirement for continual improvement.

The Ace Benefit

We at Ace will help organizations,

  • To identify, measure, control and improve the various core business processes

  • To enhance business performance: ROI

  • With measured increase in customer loyalty

  • In operational efficiency & efficient use of resources

  • To Increase market share and capitalize greater market opportunities

  • On Cost optimization

  • To improve competitive edge

  • In controlling culture on all processes of the organization

  • In Brand building: Credibility and Reputation of the organization

Ace Services will assist an Organization in assessing and improving its Quality Management System by :-

  • Meticulous and strategic guidance on implementing ISO 9001 specific requirements

  • Assessing the overall state of QMS within an Organization with special audit, review of processes and systems

  • Training: Special training programs on ISO 9001

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Physical security is a part of the big security picture. In today’s uncertain times, you can never have a full-proof security system. It needs to be changed, upgraded, measured and reassessed every once in a while. Physical security systems involve measures to check and daunt invaders from accessing important areas of information – both stored and physical media. The ordeal can be as simple as placement of security personnel in a premise; upgrading physical locker access and having reliable check point systems for enhanced security.

Ace helps Organizations and businesses with Physical Security assessments in disparate operating environments. Our proficient team has the unique capability to analyze information based on real-time assessments. After thorough assessment, the team suggests implementation of cost-effective security measures to protect locations, facilities, personnel, and equipment. We apply the Six Sigma quality improvement approach to optimize all security assessments and solutions. Our information security management and ITDR practices are proven to add value to management of existing data centers. We can also help you in planning out new data centre facilities. Key services we provide for physical security management include,

  • Perimeter Security including physical barrier hardening, motion sensors, under vehicle scanners, baggage/personal scanners, integrated boom barriers and tyre busters

  • Integrated Access and ID control based on intelligent RFID and biometric solutions

  • Visitor Management System

  • Vehicle and Traffic Management solution using RFID and GPS/GPRS tracking technology

  • Electronic surveillance using intelligent and latest digital technology including CCTV with IP cameras

  • Integrating access control, evacuation, id management, and surveillance solutions

We understand security in a holistic manner. Security relates to,

  • People, Process and Technology

  • The entire System, not just individual components

  • Physical Security Management based on prevention, detection and response of anticipated security incidents

  • Simplicity and ease of use-intuitive systems and subsequent application of control and countermeasures

  • Our experience tells us that there is no such thing as absolute security. Life entails risk and any security countermeasure needs to be viewed in relation to business needs and the risk appetite of an Organization

The Ace Benefit

We at Ace Services will assist an Organization in

  • Undertaking review of its existing Physical Security posture through a formal risk assessment process

  • Establishing an electronic surveillance system using IP video surveillance, motion sensors, GPS solutions and radio frequency solutions, including effective solutions for loss prevention, fraud prevention, forensics and investigations

  • Management of access control by designing and implementing solutions for access control of people and physical assets. This include designing and implementing policies, processes and guidelines across the organization using control devices, proximity cards, smart cards, bio-metric sensors, vehicle scanners and perimeter security arrangements

  • Management of asset protection, viz., protection of employees, senior management and critical infrastructure

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Fire hazard is a big threat. Securing physical premises against fire risk is crucial for organizations and businesses. At Ace, we understand the importance and implications of having a sound fire security system. Our expert fire security team will help you,

  • Analyze with our in-depth ‘Gap analysis’ test of the existing fire fighting arrangement against best industry practices including NFPA 1600

  • To plan and implement best fire safety solutions

  • In planning evacuation process, implementation and testing for thorough efficiency

The Ace Benefit

We will help you in planning a sound fire management system with the help of,

  • Fire Alarm Systems: Ace will help you install fire alarm systems with simple manual evacuation, to hi-tech systems with facilities for modern buildings

  • Sprinkler Systems: We will assist you in installing cost-effective sprinkler systems after thorough analyses of the building for habitation, operation and fire risk

  • Special products like Nurse calls, emergency lighting, access control, intruder alarms, and gas flooding systems

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Earlier, ISO 20000 was referred to as the IT Service Management (ITSM) Standard, acting as the basic facilitator of IT Governance. ITSM was process-focused and linked to common interests with process improvement practices, framework and methodology like TQM, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, and CMMI. The main aim was to enable IT service, its delivery, support and management.

Since its revised version published in the year 2011, ISO 20000 has widened its scope to cover Service Management concepts as a whole. Accordingly, it is now termed as the Service Management Standard (SMS).

With India leading the world in the field of Service Management, ISO 20000 is likely to play an important role within the Service Industry.

SMS methodology consists of multiple entry points, usually starting with customers and end users and ending at qualification and quantification of services provided to meet individual requirements strategically. The focus shifts from ‘how’ to use a product and service and the technical details, to actually building a framework to constitute service management activities.

The Ace Methodology

  • Assess with our ‘gap analysis’ tools the existing Service Management infrastructure, processes, and services

  • Add or develop lacking services and the desired outlook of services and its management

  • Design a practical plan to achieve the desired service management functionality, looking into the existing framework

  • Finalize concrete steps for execution of the plan

  • SMS framework for each of the Service Delivery and Service Support areas is a five-step model:

    • Estimation – Review of current situation and understand the metrics for the desired future positioning

    • Architect and Design the future Service state

    • Planning – Diligent planning for desired Service Management status in phased manner

    • Implementation & Deployment in line with the future desired state

    • Support – Upgrade, manage, maintain, improve for adaptation in the current system with integrated enhancements as and when required

The Ace Benefit

Within this structure, Ace focuses on providing a framework to structure Service Management related activities and the interactions of Service Management (technical) personnel with business customers and user:

  • People – Process – Technology: People determine the quantity and quality of know-how; Process is about practices, procedures and guidelines to understand the level of complexity; and Technology determines the infrastructure consisting of hardware, software, networking and applications

  • Organizational IT : Different factors affect IT, it is important to determine the ‘how’s’ in a corporate culture

  • Incorporation : the most crucial step after determination of the above two involves amalgamation of IT in an business model and determining the services provided by IT, and the best practices within IT

  • Training: Special programs on ISO 20000

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Ace Services, has on its panel, expert and experienced trainers from defence, industry and academicians who can provide effective training to both individuals and teams to enhance their productivity and self development. Ace Services provide practical, challenging and tailored training course with both indoor and outdoor activities. The course is conducted in suitable environment for participants to understand team dynamics, people management, leadership and motivation. It increases confidence and competence of individuals in handling conflicts, motivating and influencing teams. Due to the nature of the course, it helps individuals to cope up with their work related stress.

For your specific training requirement please write to info@aceservices.co.in We will revert to you with our tailored program to suit your requirement.